Hollow Trees EP

by Reigning Champion

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released July 29, 2012



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Reigning Champion Vladimir, Russia

Screamo hardcore with personal and heartfelt lyrics from Vladimir, Russia. Gathered in 2010. The band released two ep's in 2011 (Firstborn) and 2012 (Hollow Trees) through Driftwood Records. The first full-length album Disposer Poems was released on august 3, 2015 ... more

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Track Name: Afterglow
I want it back: that bliss, that shuffling, random bristles, candy wrappers,
sweet pasta and how you sugared everything
after 5 days of hope, were 3 days of bitterness
then smouldering silence thrived the afterglow
only that Sunday still flares
where the silhouette dissolves
I won’t forget your smile and hug
The town at New Year’s Eve
still sings the melody of your steps and I sing along

Waving weightless ribbons like words
With leaden templates
too heavy but
that cold robots' hand was warmer
those glass eyes in the night were sadder
deader than artificial flowers
in the concrete garden

I’ve left with hollows
With hollows instead of trees
With memory branches hard to clamber

And in this wood
The loss becomes a path of habit
Then overgrows with indifference

No more the same days to hurt you
And the whole eternity to smooth your wrinkles
No more helplessness that cast you down

All the warmth
Left in a warm coal
like all suits and ties you're no longer wear
And your strong fragrance slowly fades

The saddest lines never wait to be written
that's the only reason they never die
instead of us: end up on sides alone
In the same hallways of that long black day

Old man and child before the flooded fields
Old man and child under the fury clouds
If I knew that one would ride the pale horse
I would tight hold his hand

Track Name: Hntr
Stay gold
In the houselights'
Wait the bursts of clapping
But sun leads us astray
Betrayed us with the rain
Us astray
I'm falling from the cliffs to the sea hissing like burning coal
The roaring waves turned my last words into the song of an upcoming storm
No matter,
What fire you tend it just can't stand
That day
When your voice fades away
And everyone will come to see that rain
Pouring down through the hollowed roof.
Through the hollowed roof skies stand still lifeless
through the hollowed roof
Sun leads us astray
And welcomes here the rain
...Leads us astray
With all the words that touch so deep and with memory fills my soul
I'll find myself on the shallows claiming every storm
Track Name: Chauffeurs
Crashes after what stroke, the quietness shrieks, and the echoes,
Echos traveling
Through the night phone calls
Loosing brightness on the grey roads, and the passenger's safety belts.
Hopeless smiles. Homeless miles. Oh God

And I'll push it back, I'll take as many miles as I can

Drive, where’s always the promise at dawn
Drive, where’s nothing given at sunset

And I don’t know where I’m going But I’m sure road will take me somewhere
Don't walk by me;
And I don’t know what I’m doing But I’m sure diligence will make me someone
Don't walk too far from me
And I don’t know what I’m giving But I’m sure the quantity will make it something
Don't walk in front of me;
And I don’t know who I’m But I’m sure the time will show it
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead

Drive, where’s always the promise at dawn
Drive, where’s nothing given at sunset

I'll push it back, I'll take as many miles as I can

Take it back and push back every lost dream
Take it back and push back every
hope that shatters reality

“I follow the sundown until it hits me”
Track Name: Fins
I'll hold your hands, until you hold mine
Until they change to fins and slip out with the tide
I was straining sand on your bare foot, and your broad smile lit up
With a golden shoreline
Where did I lose all of that beauty?
My judges are our dreams unfulfilled
The gleam of solace, and pleasure of another's embrace, is the gift?
Is the end of being tired?
All memory places hide heartaches, in the grasses waving round me
Where you never walk, that you'll never leave
Fading light of a retreating torch
My heart’s rotten
My heart is a rotten strawberry
Track Name: Shooting Stars On Mir Str.
the last words hang
on the vultures tongues
and hands wear the claws
to carry my feathers away
my warmth burns sometimes
and I keep the change
in the same pocket
with my lucky coin

Teach us to care and not to care
I’m the shield above the who I’m not
Teach us to care and to not to stare
I’m a postman wrote and burned all the letters in his bag

this time heals nothing
always the time is not enough
when the coffin welcomes
The ice's still melting
in half emptied jar

Letdown is the first joy of grown-up
Back wheels hang almost over the edge
But my fingers are long enough to play white keys that are
Echoes of the past
And I can hear
My voice so careless about
how things work;
I'd love to lock up
In grey haze
Over black woods of denial
But for now something's wrong with the melody
And I see those thickets are just painted decorations
And I have to appear grown-up and sad