Disposer Poems

by Reigning Champion

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Download mp3 320kbps: yadi.sk/d/-1KoNj3SiEMnv

Recorded at Round Hills Studio & UMBC Recording Studios in 2015
Mixed and Mastered by Artem Prozorov
Cover art by Yana Tarakanova yana.post.house@gmail.com
Lyrics by Anton Zaitsev

Anton Zaitsev - vocals
Artem Prozorov - guitar
Igor Titov - guitar
Nikita Shabanov - bass
Alexei Chernov - drums


released August 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Reigning Champion Vladimir, Russia

Screamo hardcore with personal and heartfelt lyrics from Vladimir, Russia. Gathered in 2010. The band released two ep's in 2011 (Firstborn) and 2012 (Hollow Trees) through Driftwood Records. The first full-length album Disposer Poems was released on august 3, 2015 ... more

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Track Name: Fridge Magnets
Colors flood over us but after all gray is the price
The sound of breaking stems is my only interlocutor.
You wear the clock that bears no time but irretrievable сolors of rainbows,
On the bed where your skull is eaten by the roots of new grass
Those who smiled on Sunday were gone 5 days later on New Year's eve. I wonder if he ever existed

(I feel the roots of hollow trees getting deeper
I require. to write nothing. to read nothing
Silk falls over the rows of empty chairs
No more pathetic voices rush as homeless herds
No more songs that refuse to cease.
And silver pines rustle above your wooden attire.
As lovers who can’t move on and ruin everything
You escape from a room with no windows
Tearing down the walls and lying perfectly still)

Tear down the walls and lie perfectly still
Memories are made of fridge magnets
Track Name: Bleach
This talk is in cursive but there's no more ink
The bodies are scorched to the roots and stuck in the places
Where nothing happens and nothing lies beyond the gateways
Time pours bleach on colors carelessly and moves in with heavy old cabinets of insomnia
Bleach. Restore. Rebuild. Destroy
This emptiness has a weight of a man and a rope walking hand in hand with nobody
Track Name: Teenage Cancer
The dream bores as dried bloom breaks under my feet
Aging with all its self-sufficiency leaves my head vacuous and avoids the answers that don’t exist
Every seat is sold out and I stay in the aisle staring at the empty stage
Come back to my jaded fire last dying spark
And fill me with the strength of all armies
Come and set me free
And fill me with the strength of all armies
Catching fascinating thoughts
My palms explode and lose grip
And i refuse to move on
Track Name: Disposer Poem (Verbs)
This comfort is a distance between us
And future’s silhouette
Shapeless and starving
Life in a small town - a burnt match
An echo from no one to nowhere
A long talk without a sound
When it's over the gold tarnishes in broken streetlights
When it’s over it just feels like nothing happened in this very long and boring dream
(nothing is higher than your towers of ignorance)
I didn't run you went away
The King in blue crown of gas flame
I didn't run but you went away
In the armor of old furniture and linoleum floors
Track Name: Disposer Poem (Nouns)
I’m sorry for rush and lunch alone
Now it all drains us
I released your hand
grasping a brown recluse
Track Name: Engine Down, Roll Forever
Ages roll and more colors fade, filling the deserts.
Time runs through my hands like sand, overwhelming the dream.
Throw fake coins into a wishing well,
Take a deep breath and let go. let it go
We keep ‘walking, me and night, until only the night remains
I torn down a lodestar misguiding me
Track Name: Lovebirds
Our dreams were made of birds of chokehold under my collar
And withered flowers in your hair
We ate fire and vomited with coal of the expired words
Every time that flame warms the night the morning comes in burnt brushwood
And we ride dark mares of estrangement trampling down the embers
We ride towards the heavу waves and underneath.
In the holes so deep and on the highest peaks
Up to our necks in shit hiding bad teeth
We lost the last toy soldiers of our victories
“No water so still as the dead fountains”
No place so quiet as the dead heart
Track Name: Chasm
Come out and scream at the highest pitch
Scatter from above and shatter the bottom
Learning the geography of grief
I may go along countless streets and life never begins In the sea of pavement
It’s always been a shadow at midday. No contours no colors
An old portrait chokes with a reality sandwich
Charm city, if i ever felt relieved from your charm, let me say how dead tired i am.
Sun goes down and fades in a blue chasm of Atlantic
Years pass, massive and vacuous. In vain
Being a shadow at midday. No contours no colors
Drag the words through the missing teeth as long as even one is worthy
But watching them fall on the deaf ears

(I wear thin, rely on you
Can’t hold the wires of my mind
Knowing that once the water will come
higher than horses necks)